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Actibump reduces speeding by up to 80% and improves traffic flows

There are many densely populated cities and urban areas, and that is reflected on our roads and streets. Traffic is busy almost everywhere, almost all the time. Local authorities are doing all they can to make their streets safer. Everyone should come home safe and sound: every accident is one too many. Unfortunately, the number of people injured on our roads is not decreasing fast enough.

Councils are therefore looking for effective road-safety solutions within the parameters available. Limited public space, large amounts of traffic, heavy traffic, buses and emergency vehicles, noise and vibrations, this is quite a challenge. Actibump is one solution.

Actibump has been used successfully in Sweden for more than ten years. Now this smart traffic solution is also available in other countries.

About Edeva AB

Edeva AB is the inventor, manufacturer and supplier of Actibump. Our mission is to contribute towards modern and sustainable urban development. We do this by designing and creating traffic systems to suit a human centred society. Their basis lies in new technologies delivering robust, effective, efficient and flexible solutions. With Actibump, we want to improve the lives of people in towns and cities, to facilitate public transport and to facilitate the work of the emergency services. We believe that innovative and sustainable technical solutions help to create a safe, liveable city.

Edeva AB is ISO-certified in information security, environment and quality, ISO27001, ISO14001 and ISO9001.

We have participated in two projects financed by Tillväxtverket and the European union. One project for internationalization and one for digitalization.

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