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The smart traffic solution for a liveable community

Actibump is an innovative, effective and smart solution to tackle speeding in a positive way, making your community safe and liveable.

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Safer roads and better traffic flows

Actibump is a smart traffic solution which encourages drivers to keep to the permitted speed in a friendly yet effective manner. It thus helps permanently improve road safety wherever needed. Moreover, it improves traffic flows and so contributes towards a cleaner, healthier living environment and sustainable urban development.


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Research results from Sweden and Australia

Decreases the speed to the speed limit

Decreases risk of accidents

Saves lives

Less air and noise pollution

Bicycle and bus friendly

Emergency services friendly

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How it works

Speed radar

The Actibump radar measures the speed of an approaching vehicle.

A smooth ride…

If the driver is within the speed limit, nothing happens and they pass over the Actibump without feeling a thing.

…or a clear reminder

If the driver is going too fast, the module sinks into the road and they feel a clear reminder to slow down.

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Actibump changes behaviour

Speeding in built-up areas is a regular and persistent problem. Even with numerous safety measures in place, cutting speeds remains a considerable challenge. Not without reason, it is a top priority of every local authority. Experience shows consistently that road safety stands or falls with the behaviour of drivers themselves. Which is precisely where Actibump has an important contribution to make. Our smart traffic solution ensures, in a friendly yet effective manner, that motorists comply with the speed limit. The results show that it has real and lasting effect upon their behaviour. At locations fitted with an Actibump, speeding offences fall by up to 80%!

Smart City: data-driven road safety

Actibump is intended primarily as an effective solution to speeding traffic. But thanks to its advanced technology, the system also provides meaningful data. This can make a real contribution towards developing smart, sustainable urban areas where people come first. Actibump is controlled from a user-friendly software platform, EdevaLive. Amongst other features, this allows you to set speed limits dynamically and to monitor the system live using a built-in camera.

EdevaLive also collects real-time traffic information, such as vehicle counts and individual speeds. Optionally, this can be extended with vehicle classification, weigh in motion and measurements of air quality, noise and vibrations.


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