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The friendly solution for safer roads

Actibump reduces speeding by up to 80% and improves traffic flows

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How it works

Speed radar

The Actibump radar measures the speed of an approaching vehicle.

Steady as you go…

If the driver is within the speed limit, nothing happens and they pass over the Actibump without feeling a thing.

…or a clear reminder

If the driver is going too fast, the module sinks into the road and they feel a clear reminder to slow down.

The benefits at a glance

Road safety

Actibump reduces speeding by up to 80%. This makes the roads safer for everyone, and immediately reduces the number of casualties caused by excessive speeds.

Traffic flows

Actibump improves the flow of traffic and so prevents unnecessary acceleration and braking.

Healthier living environment

Better traffic flows means lower carbon emissions, less noise, creating a cleaner, more pleasant living environment.

Smart City

Actibump is a smart traffic solution which collects real-time information about vehicle numbers, air quality, noise levels and vibration.

A friendly reminder – for speeders only

See exactly how it works

Proven results

Actibump reduces speeding by up to 80%.

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