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VSÓ, an Icelandic consulting and engineering company, has evaluated the first Icelandic installation of Actibump, on behalf of the Icelandic Road and costal administration, Vegagerðin. Their conclusions are presented in short on their homepage, where you can also find contact information to the researchers who made the report. Google translate works reasonably well on the article.

Most notable to us was the fact that the inhabitants were very positive to the Actibump and many of them would like to see more Actibumps both locally and nationally. We’ve never made a study about the opinions of inhabitants before so that was very interesting!

The first Actibump installation in Iceland was made in Ólafsvík in 2021. In the middle of the pandemic. There were no good measurements from before the installation to compare with but the results are still very obvious: the degree of speeding is currently between 0 and 3 %.

The installation was made right next to a school and close to a sports field. There are a lot of heavy vehicles going to the harbour in Ólafsvík and the entrance to the village is on a slope, so that it is easy and inviting to speed. Representatives from Vegagerðin said, before the installation, that their only other option would have been to redesign the entire road environment in order to reduce speeding. Compared to that, the Actibump was a bargain.