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Vestland fylkeskommune, the regional road administration that owns the regional roads in Vestland in Norway, made a demo installation of the Actibump system in Bergen, Norway. They have now evaluated the system and its effects from a number of angles. Their conclusions are very positive and in short some of them are:

  • Comparisons between speed measurements collected before and after installation show a significant drop in speed at the Actibump.
  • Speed measurements ca 80 meters after the installation show a lower reduction of speed.
  • Emergency organisations are positive to the system.
  • The public transport organisation has had no complaints about the system.
  • Very few complaints from the public.
  • There have been no observations of bicyclists crossing the hatch, but there have been some situations observed where bicyclists enter the bike lane right before the Actibump.
  • There have been observations of rapid decelerations and evasive actions on a motorcycle but it happened in a well-controlled manner.
  • There have been no observations or complaints about undesired actions connected to the system.
  • Higher cost than the usual speed reducing measures but added value in the shape of traffic data.

You can find the entire report, in Norwegian, HERE