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We recently initiated a collaboration with Hordaland fylkeskommune (Hordaland county) and Statens Vegvesen, The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, in Norway. They are now prepped to install two Actibumps on a major road called Nattlandsveien in the city of Bergen.
The installation site is by a zebra crossing located near housing for people with vision impairments. There are shops on both sides of the road and it is heavily used by motor vehicles, including buses and trolley buses. It is one of the major roads leading into the city centre in Bergen, a city with over 250 000 inhabitants.

Hordaland county and The Norwegian Public Roads Administration have also chosen to use out newly developed traffic counting and vehicle classification system. An easy and cheap way to get high quality data all year round where you have an Actibump installed.

If you happen to read Norwegian, or enjoy slightly off Google translate texts, here are some links to what Norwegian media has been writing about this:
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