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The Swedish Transport Administration started their first Actibump installation in April of 2018. During the spring of this year they made a second installation, this time on an island called Öland in a village called Torslunda. Malin Davou from Trafikverket has made statements on the local public tv news, svt, available in Swedish here and here as well as on public radio, Sveriges radio, here.

The next installation is well on its way in Hammarstrand, a village further north.
In both Hammarstrand and Torslunda the Actibumps are installed next to schools to ensure a safe traffic situation for the school children.

The results from Torslunda have been as good as can be. The road has a speed limit of 40 km/h and the 85th-percentile speeds are already at 42 km/h and 39 km/h in the two directions respectively. A result that has been achieved very quickly!